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"Founder Danny Lee"

Oyabun Ktown in LA is an authentic Japanese restaurant serving unique and delicious traditional dishes. We provide both an intimate dining experience and a casual takeaway alternative. Our skilled chefs create dishes that are full of flavour, made with the freshest ingredients, and always strive to ensure a delightful and memorable experience. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and the highest-quality food to our loyal customers. Our menu includes both classic and modernized dishes, as well as a selection of imported sake and sashimi, making us the perfect destination for a great meal. Come join us and experience the Oyabun Ktown difference!


Serving only the very best ingredients we have access to, we are a trendy and casual Korean-Japanese sushi/sashimi-only joint with a simple menu focusing on quality fresh seafood produce, speed and affordability. In the evening, our omakase (chef's choice) menu is served along with a diverse selection of sake and soju for a pleasant and relaxed dining experience.

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